Commands Edit

Description Edit

This is a list of all the available commands in the game, this is used mainly for debugging and saving during the build snapshot, and will most likely change in the future!

Current Version: Crevis Build Snapshot Edit

Command Usage Description
/save /save (1-5) Saves the game to the prescribed save file.

Saving & loading is for PERSONAL use and

is not the file you will be sending.

/load /load (1-5) Loads a prescribed file.
/origin /origin set Creates an origin block at the mouse.
/origin /origin reset Removes the origin block.
/origin /origin i Makes the origin block invisible.
/kit /kit builder Gives you 64 of each: stone brick, cobble, wood,

oak logs, torches, cobble stairs

/kit /kit decor Gives you 64 of each: pot, crafting station, chair,

bed, oven, medblender, bird meds, juiceblender, moss

/kit /kit ores Gives you 64 of all ores.
/kit /kit various Gives you all new 1.04 blocks
/kits /kits Lists all kits.
/kitinfo /kitinfo (decor, ores,...) Tells you what items are in a kit.
/speed /speed (1-5) Sets your walking and flying speed.
/flush /flush -m Resets your cursor when glitched or when not present.
/restart /restart game Restarts the game.
/quit /quit Quits the game.
/spawn /spawn Resets player back to the spawnpoint on the map.
/spawn /spawn seagull Spawns a seagull at the mouse
/spawn /spawn pentor @mouse Spawns a pentor at the mouse
/spawn /spawn pentor @player Spawns a pentor at the player
/f /f Displays faction help
/inv /inv Pulls up extended inventory