Crevis Build SnapshotEdit

The Crevis Build Snapshot, in short, C:BS, is the program used before Crevis's release for users to build creations to submit to contests. The C:BS is used primarly for the 2015 Winter Contest so people can create structures for the full game of Crevis before final/beta release.

The ongoing contest is the 2015 Winter Contest.

Differences between C:BS and full ReleaseEdit

The main difference between the two versions are:

  • Survival Mode is not implemented, nor any of the Mini-games
  • A flat world is always generated infinitly
  • Only a few blocks are usable
  • You have unlimited placement of blocks
  • You cannot die
  • You can fly
  • You have access to a wide mass of cheat codes
  • You always spawn as a blue traiad
  • The time is always the same