Story Edit

Spr crobblestone 0
A crobblestone block.
Type: Block
Sub-Type: Building Block
Placeable: Yes
Tooltip: Uh... Niften... typo?
Kit: Builder

Crobblestone is the Crevis alternative of cobblestone, though Crevis also has cobblestone as well. As told in one of pLifer's Twitch streams of Crevis, Niften informed him that crobblestone was the result of the game's cobblestone not working internally. The game would not allow him to create a background version of cobblestone, so he created crobblestone and replaced cobblestone with it.

Upon doing so the game began to work functionally.

Trivia Edit

  • Crobblestone's lore text is: Uhh... Niften... typo?
  • Crobblestone has a sprite identical to cobblestone
  • There are no crobblestone stairs