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In 2013, when Niften was calling out for help for his 3D Minecraft fork, later dubbed 'Crevis', a user who will be referred to as 'Unnamed' due to their wishes for their named to not be disclosed, responded and accepted.

Electroware was Unnamed's group/team/company.

Unnamed eventually influenced Niften to steer away from Game Maker 8 (Studio was not out yet) and to an engine based off of Minecraft.

Niften soon had gotten the hang of modding it and began to build his fork. However, Unnamed allegedly did not provide original content, but had gathered mods that the engine community had made and had put them in the fork, claiming they were his own additions.

Niften disassociated himself with Electroware after Unnamed had modified the Crevis website to have numerous pictures of bestial pornography.

After his abrupt departure, Unnamed had convinced many of the Minetest users that Niften was copying mods. He had convinced several users.

Upon Niften's departure, he created a team named "Glass Gaming" that has remained consistent until it was recently deprecated.

Archived Blog Post Edit

Seen YOUR work in an update (2.3 and below)? Edit

Posted by Niften on September 27, 2013 Unnamed has been the host of the modding flock. He has pulled mods from the engine's community and created "updates" with them. For more information on how he got fired, click here. Unnamed has been fired! After months of lying and disgrace, Glass has decided to fire him. A Skype conversation is going on between Unnamed and I which will be found here: Skype Conversation All language will be censored. Thank you and stay tuned!