Origin Edit

The Mavnum charge is the electrical unit of the Mavnum electricity system.

Powering properties Edit

The Mavnum charge can ultimately power morphic water. This special type of energy travels through Mavnum conductors. Mavnum charges give off Mavnum heat.

Mavnum Heat Edit

When powered with a Mavnum charge, a special type of gas is emitted from the Mavnum conductor, whether it be a Mavnum cylinder or a Mavnum wire. This gas is called Mavnum heat because of the way it warms its surroundings.

Insulation Edit

This heat can be contained with insulation.

The morphic water reacts differently depending on the level of Mavnum heat.

Electrical Conversion Edit

Mavnum charges can be converted into electricity and vice versa with a MV Converter (Magnum Volt Converter).

Trivia Edit

  • Mavnum heat is highly toxic to plants
  • Mavnum heat can be cooled into a solid