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Description Edit

Minigames mode is a mode where players will go and play a bunch of games based around PVP and objective based games as well. Such games include King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Domination.

King of the Hill Edit

As the name implies, King of the Hill is a game where the objective is to capture and hold an area marked as the "hill" to gain points. When a team is on the hill and no other team is on it, they will start to receive points while within the hill. The team with the most amount of point within the amount of time wins the match.

Capture the flag Edit

Capture the flag is a simple game where you must run over to the other team's base and steal the other team's flag and bring the flag back to your base, while at the same time prevent the enemy team from stealing your own team's flag.

Domination Edit

Domination is a game where capture points are strewn across a map full of obstacles. Teams must stand on these capture points to capture them. Other teams can capture these points as well by standing on them for a certain length of time. Whoever has the most points captured will win.