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The Pentor (Creature) Edit

Pentors are passive creatures in Crevis. They resemble a large starfish, with, however, an eye in the center. This creature is capable of producing a large, focused beam of energy blasting away any prey that draws near. It will also attack if threatened.

Spr pentor 0

Attacks Edit

When near, the pentor will shoot a large yellow beam towards the player. The beam has the ability to destroy different blocks depending on the type.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first creature with a ranged attack.
  • One bug in the game was that when two pentors touched each other, they would both go flying in different directions.
  • Another bug with pentors is that if they spawn directly on top of the player, they would shoot either upward or to the right. As demostrated in the video below.
Crevis Alpha - Weirdest Bugs in the Game??

Crevis Alpha - Weirdest Bugs in the Game??

A video showing weird bugs in the game. At about halfway through, one can see the pentor.