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Planets Page SummaryEdit

This is a page of all known documented planets in the Crevis universe. Click any of the links below to learn more about them!


Shi'va Edit

The home planet of the human race and the spawn planet of the character.


The home planet to the Traiad. Also the known place for the Mavnum Springs.

Nimrodor Edit

Nimrodor is a planet consisting of strange blue rock, hosting an abundance of amethyte ore.

Ecrides Edit

Ecrides is a planet neighboring Shi'va.

Abos Edit

Abos is a large gas giant with three moons in the outer layer of the solar system.

Athera Edit

Athera is a dangerously radioactive planet that hosts the incredibly durable and strong material known as Atherium.

Archea Edit

A planet with a mostly toxic atmosphere as well as water and rock formations.