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Many different races exist in the Crevis universe, some are more intelligent than others, while some are more hostile. This page is a guide to all documented races in the game.

Intelligent RacesEdit

The TraiadEdit

These beings are ones that have travelled the stars and made an alliance with the Lizmen.

The LizmenEdit

These lizard-like creatures are the ones who live in the underground, who so happen to have an alliance with the Traiad.

The HumansEdit

The most common that many from Earth can relate. (This race hasn't been developed yet!)

The MeteriEdit

(This race hasn't been developed yet!)

The ElenmarEdit

(This race hasn't been developed yet!)

Passive CreaturesEdit

The PentorEdit

These creatures are of starfish origin in appearance. When provoked, they will blast a large beam out of its eyes to defend itself.

The SeagullEdit

The seagull is a creature who will occasionally drop a white bomb on you.

Hostile CreaturesEdit

The WraithEdit

A spectral like entity that has the ability to go through solid matter.