Vehicle Properties Edit

The rocket ship is a craftable vehicle capable of reaching speeds of up to 50.22 PPT (pixels per tick) or 47.08 BPS (blocks per second). The rocket ship is the fastest method of vertical travel, and can reach the orbital boundary in 84.96 seconds. The rocket ship is also the only vehicle that can explore the space dimension.

Fuel Edit

Rocket ships require fuel in the form of radioactive rods. Below is a table indicating the amount of fuel points a radioactive rod receives.

Rod Fuel
Atherium Rod 30
Cryptite Rod 20
Gammium Rod 10
Coal Rod 1

Acceleration Edit

The rocket accelerates exponentially rate of 1.01 per tick. It takes about 10 seconds for the rocket ship to maximize its speed at 50.22 PPT or 47.08 BPS.