Seagull Edit

The seagull is a passive creature that is planned to spawn occasionally in the sky. Right now, it can only be spawned via command.

Passive abilities Edit

  • Flight
  • Directional switching

AI Edit

The seagull will occasionally excrete on an unsuspecting player. These bombs are essential in developing Seagull Serum. It will also switch flight directions when it gets near a block.

Excrement Edit

A seagull's excrement will leave a white, dribbling stain on the block or blocks that collided with it. If the excrement was left in the middle of two blocks, the splatter will be on both of them. As of right now the entity itself has gravity and nothing more.

Trivia Edit

  • The seagull concept was created long before the initial creation of the game
  • A race called the gullmen was planned previously as a joke