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Launcher Edit

The Crevis launcher is simple and allows you to view:

  • Changelog
  • Update notes
  • Latest Crevis version
  • The date that the latest Crevis version was uploaded

It also allows you to select between an exe file and an installer file in a drop down menu.

By clicking play and then run, a version of the game is downloaded and saved in a temporary location that will later close it. Access to a runned copy of Crevis is negligible without an internet connection.

By clicking play and then save, a copy of the game is saved for offline use. This is not recommended because you could very well be using an outdated version (the launcher automatically starts the latest version).

Username Selection Edit

When entering the game, Crevis prompts you for your username. This will later be applied in the launcher, but as the game is very unstable and is primed only for contest use, this has not been implemented yet.

Saving Edit

By typing /save [1-5], the game will save the game and automatically save to the specified file every 30 seconds. If this command is not done, the game will still autosave to file autosave. To load this file, type /load autosave, or /load [1-5] in the command line.

Controls Edit

Key Purpose
A Moves the player to the left.
S Moves the player down.
W Moves the player up.
D Moves the player to the right.
B Toggles background block placement.
T Toggles the chat/command line.
F Interacts with blocks and allows you to open doors,

make stairs upside down, etc.

There are a variety of commands to aid you in obtaining building blocks and a larger inventory.

Save location Edit

All Crevis save files are located at: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Crevis_Build_Snapshot. It will contain files that have the extension '*.cws' (Crevis world save).