Creation Edit

In Meterian lore, the yewelberry was a plant that was spiced with morphic water, an extremely valuable Traiad artifact.

Destroyed Ties Edit

The Meteri lost their close ties with the Traiad upon them discovering their treachery and declared war on the Meteri.

Spread Edit

Yewelberries were spread across the galaxy when the Yewelberry Virus crushed the ship's engine and was exploded into hundreds of flying projectiles. These projectiles traveled across the galaxy quickly and eventually the pieces froze and drifted toward planets. Upon entering inhabitable planet atmospheres the frozen morphic water began to heat up and these pieces of the virus were unfrozen.

Trivia Edit

  • The yewelberry is edible and restores 1 hunger.
  • The yewelberry has a 25% chance of dropping from a yewelberry bush.